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What's happening, as it happens.

5 days

New Video Coming Soon!

We got to spend an afternoon in the garden last week filming and talking about the importance of true education. We're looking forward to being able to share what we have with you soon!
16 days

Ask Us Anything #4

29 of your questions were answered in this fourth and final Ask-Us-Anything session for 2020.
21 days

The Maker Heals Program Running Once Again!

It's been a blessing to have a group join us on the property after months of waiting for restrictions to allow. We have just finished our second full day of fasting, learning ways to change our lifestyle to help our physical body, and of course, pointing us to our Creator. The weather has been beautiful, allowing our guests to fully enjoy the walks and garden, even being able to have our homegrown raspberries for one of their fasting meals.
1 months

Tree work is picking up

Since the lifting of COVID restrictions, we've seen an increase in quote requests and tree jobs which are keeping us busy. We are very grateful for the work and thank the Lord for providing for our needs.
1 months

Magabooks for Evangelism

Have you had the chance to get a copy of our two magabooks? These are high-quality productions designed for evangelism in Australia. "Wholesome Homemade" is an excellent vegan cookbook and "The Great Controversy" is a modern typesetting of the original 1911 text by Ellen White.
1 months

Video Update #3

Here is our latest video update. We've been trying different styles of video updates. What do you think? Thank you so much for your prayers and support!
1 months

Ambassador Program

We've just launched a new Ambassador program. Check it out and let's work together to raise awareness of the plan for a Madison-like college here in Australia.
1 months

Camp Meeting January 2021

Let us not forsake the assembling of ourselves together even more as we see the day approaching. This camp meeting "Light on a Hill" , will be a time of encouragement and revival as we seek God's will and unite in prayer.
1 months

New Eastward Website

We have just launched a new Eastward website. Re-built and re-designed to be simpler, more modern and more helpful. What do you think?
1 months

Filming in the Garden

Ester, Beau and Ian have been busy making a garden video this week. Stay tuned for the video to come out soon!
1 months

My fall from a 20-30 meter tree

What happened today is the most painful thing I've ever experienced. But there's Someone else who experienced more pain and suffering than we can even imagine SO THAT we could experience an eternity with Him that we cannot even begin to imagine! Please please don't ignore this gift any longer! So that beeping noise was because my heart rate was shooting up from the emotion. Nurse came in wondering what was going on! Here's the quote I read THIS morning: "David’s conclusion that Saul would certainly accomplish his murderous purpose was formed without the counsel of God. Even while Saul was plotting and seeking to accomplish his destruction, the Lord was working to secure David the kingdom. God works out His plans, though to human eyes they are veiled in mystery. Men cannot understand the ways of God; and, looking at appearances, they interpret the trials and tests and provings that God permits to come upon them as things that are against them, and that will only work their ruin. Thus David looked on appearances, and not at the promises of God." PP 672.2 Thank you SO much for everyone's prayers and kind words! I'm so sorry to worry everyone. So blessed! Again God is SO good!
1 months

Watch the Ask Us Anything Session #3

This evening we live-streamed the Ask-Us-Anything session. You can watch it on our Facebook page or YouTube channel. Some really important questions were asked and we discussed the up-coming Madison Ambassador program, as well as some inspiration on the Madison School.
1 months

App Design Prototype

Here is an interactive prototype of the digital Maker Heals App which we are currently developing. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.