Object Lessons in the Garden

It's spring season in the Abide Farm! We've been busy transplanting and sowing bok choy, planting flowers and weeding. It's wonderful to be able to find object lessons in the little jobs we do! One that we thought of as we were sowing this morning, was the importance of water to each little plant. While quenching the thirst of the seedlings we have to not only be careful of the pressure, but also how much we give them. Too much and they could drown, but too little and they will wither from thirst and need... A reminder that it's important for us to be careful how we share the Gospel to others. With the wisdom that comes from heaven we'll have help to reach out to the dying world around us. Look at what object lessons you can find in your everyday jobs!
Sunny Oberson
Oh wow what a precious lesson!I’ve made many mistakes with seedlings that way, but never thought of this lesson. Thanks for opening my eyes with spiritual insight.
1 years
Wojtek Janiuk
Very interesting
12 months
Deslie A Ellis
Thankyou. I have been planting lettuce, beetroot, zuccini, beans, i have collected lots of bok choi seeds from the ones I grew in winter. Happy planting. Cant wait to see you all some time soon.
11 months