Music Camp 2019


Music Camp 2019 was once again a huge blessing. We praise God for the 10 young people baptised at camp and yet another awesome year of sensational music and fellowship!

Each year camp seems to grow with 2019 seeing over 60 participants.


Every camp, there is much to be thankful about and be in awe at, but none could ever prepare us for what God had in store for us this year! Many young people were touched in a mighty way and for the first time in Music Camp history we had 10 young people dedicate their lives to God through the waters of baptism. Everyone who made a decision to be baptised was able to complete baptismal Bible study classes during camp.

Praise God for the moving of the Holy Spirit! One of the most rewarding things to witness as a youth leader is seeing young people (including from your own unit) give their hearts to God. Better yet, seeing the ripple effects of Music Camp, where a few more of those who made a decision for baptism did so a few months after camp. So far, 13 young people have been baptised this year and a few others have commenced Bible studies for baptism. Praise the Lord!

Adding to the experience of Music Camp 2019, we had a number of participants and staff come from New Zealand! With our New Zealand friends came Sonja Whitehouse, who worked with Melody Lister to train, guide and conduct this year's choir.


Avondale Memorial concert - Music Camp 2019

Three concerts

Once again, we had the privilege of sharing the blessings of Music Camp in concert at three different churches! On the July 13, all 60+ participants and youth leaders performed at both Stanmore and Wahroonga churches. While taking the church service at Stanmore we were also blessed to witness Serah Roberts' baptism. Serah made the decision to be baptised during Music Camp 2018. One year later, Serah fulfilled her covenant with God.

On July 20, we had our third and final concert at Avondale Memorial Church. What a way to end with a big bang. With a full church, no sickness (praise the Lord!), a mighty concert and a memorable way to wrap up camp!



"This is my 3rd Music camp I have been to. And every year it gets better, and such a blessing to me. I was so glad to have had the opportunity to have gotten baptized at camp this year,and to have seen so many others take a stand to give their hearts to God. The Campfire Talks are always a blessing too. And also it was actually fun to have played in the orchestra too."
- Serah


This year's camp was the last year Melody Lister will be with us. She'll be moving away and caring/helping family. We'll miss her very much as she's been a special part of the Music Camp family for the last few years. We praise God for the precious moments and memories with Mrs Lister throughout the years. God bless your journey!


Overall, the baptisms were the most memorable moments for a lot of us who attended camp this year. We praise God for the youth leaders who shared at camp, in particular, brother Bruce for sharing truthful and inspiring messages to both young and older disciples. We can know for sure that these decisions which were made, and lives which have been changed, are not just for our time here on earth, but for our life to come, in heaven!

"Let your heart therefore be wholly devoted to the LORD our God, to walk in His statues and to keep His commandments, as at this day."
- 1 Kings 8:61


Music Camp by numbers

63 participants, 18 youth leaders and 37 staff joined together for one of our biggest camps so far, from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. 10 baptisms at Music Camp plus 3 more after camp! 4 mission themed songs filmed in beautiful locations: Where are the Reapers, Rescue the Perishing, Throw out the Lifeline and Seeking the Lost.

923 books shared through literature evangelism:

  • 636 Path to Peace (Steps to Christ)
  • 78 Peace Above the Storm (Steps to Christ)
  • 68 The Great Controversy
  • 26 Health and Peace
  • 95 Wholesome Homemade
  • 10 Story Time
  • 9 Real Heroes

"I really wanted to go to Camporee in Melbourne at the beginning of the year (2019), but mum and dad decided to send me to Music Camp instead. I really did not want to go, mainly because I am very shy and did not know what to expect. About a month before camp I asked God to make me feel excited about going to camp because I did not want my holidays to be a waste. Exactly a week before camp, I told mum that I was very excited to go to Music Camp and I knew by my excitement that I was meant to be there. Long story short, I was very blessed to be there. I loved everything about the camp from line call, to choir rehearsals, to campfire and unit sharing. Also on the second Sabbath I gave my life to Jesus through baptism. I won't ever regret coming to this camp. I believe all young people should come to this camp, because I have seen and can testify that it changes lives."
- Rebekah


Music Camp 2019 group photo

Throw out the lifeline to rescue those who are perishing. Ye sons and daughters of men, come quickly, that we may seek that which is lost...

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