Exciting News from Perth


Since D'Sozo WA some of our team have stayed in WA for a few more busy weeks of canvassing.

Over the past three weeks, apart from canvassing, we've done many other things including hiking, visiting a health retreat, and traveling up to Perth (from Albany). Two weeks ago we went along to some encouraging meetings by one of the founders of the GLOW ministry. On the Sunday we were able to go downtown Perth and hand out hundreds of GLOW tracts. :) Even the shyer ones enjoyed it! We were also invited to share some a cappella songs at a concert.

We are blessed to have been given a place to stay just out of Perth on a avocado and mango farm. The pastor and his wife are so generous and supportive of Eastward and the work we do. 

Pr John organized for us to share and take the service at several of the churches he pastors and to come along and share our books and mission at his group Bible studies, at the Bible worker meetings, at a testimonies/working bee weekend here on his property, and with 200 high schoolers at Carmel Adventist College chapel. 

We have also had many keen beginners canvassing with us for a few days at a time. A lady who is keen to get involved in ministry came out with us one day, a local Bible worker excitedly came for a few days, and Pastor John also joined for a few days. Friends from D'Sozo camp have had a chance to come out with us again on and off and yesterday we were able to go and work down in Rockingham with about 8 enthusiastic young people!

One of the many divine appointments God has given us is shown in the following experience:

"I was canvassing in Kalamunda this week. I started showing the "Great Controversy" to the older man that came to the door. While I was still telling him about the book, he interrupts and says that he'll get me a $20 donation for it if I write a receipt :)

I thanked him as he walked inside, and when he came back I offered to show him the other books I had as well. He looked through the rest of the books I was holding, and wanted all of them! I said he could have all of them for an extra $40, and he was very happy with that agreement and went to find the extra money. He had won poker the night before and had money to spend now.

After he got the four books—"Great Controversy", "Peace Above the Storm", "Health and Peace", and the cookbook—I also offered him the different community program's we had available and he said he was really interested in prophecy! The local church is running prophecy seminars at the moment, so I gave him a brochure about it. they are being run just down the road from where he lives and he seemed really keen to come along! 

I had a prayer with him and we went our separate ways :) I pray those books will make a difference in his life."

I have been amazed by the results when ordinary people are willing to be used by an extraordinary God!

Also - some more exciting news - we are coming back here to work with our new and old friends for the end of year canvassing program! Hope you can make it too (more details)! 

Canvassing Program Application

Here are some photos to help explain a little of what we've been up to!