Big Camp Setup 2014

Thanks to a bunch of awesome volunteers, we enjoyed another successful year of setting up Big Camp for the NNSW Conference. Great friendships were enhanced, our bellies were treated like kings, the children treated us well and the camp was set up ahead of schedule. 
Our churches enjoyed a great camp experience this year, with each bearing their own testimonies of God's love and goodness to them.
Rain did delay our dismantling stage, however, was met with welcomed smiles, a long game of Long Ball, team frisbee, a delightful walk along the beach, and good times to reflect before the big pull down! 
So good to feel warm when wet and even better that we worked our hands so hard. What a fulfilling project altogether!
A big thanks to the Pastoral team of camp superintendents (Pr Cranville Tooley, Pr Tim Kingston and Pr Graham Stewart) and Caretaker, Neil Radford for making our experience seemless, thorough, enjoyable and fulfilling. 
An even bigger thanks to our friends and colleagues for making the project so easy!! See you again next year!!!
~ Scott Tong, Project Coordinator