What the Lord Has Done In Me

One month ago, I wrote on my personal blog that Music Camp 2017 had moved me to “Give my life unreservedly to God again and allow Him to direct every step and navigate every corner.” This statement was the first step in a journey of which the result can only be pure joy.
At the end of Music Camp last year, I was blessed with a normal, five day a week job. I enjoyed being a part of the workforce and being able to witness to my colleagues and bosses and the money was a god-send. By the time a few months had passed though, I was well and truly distracted from my true work of ministry. Between my ten hour days at work, church duties and studying on the side, there honestly wasn’t much time to use for anything else. I was so deeply committed that to my dismay, I was unable to attend Music Camp 2017. On the first Friday of camp  though, I was longing to be at camp so much that I made one last attempt and asked my boss for Monday and Tuesday off. To my actual surprise, she said yes! 
The five days total that I got to spend as part of camp: running concerts, directing filming, driving to and from concerts and locations, helping in the kitchen, spending time with the youth, listening to testimonies, learning the songs, watching the youth leaders give their time and energy to the Lord, got me to thinking. Conversations, experiences and impressions stirred a tiny seed that had been lying dormant in my heart for months and the Holy Spirit gently watered it. The desire to serve returned deep and strong. An overwhelming sense of emptiness, pointlessness and aimlessness washed over me and I knew something had to change. I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled but I suddenly had hope.
Testimony night, quite uncharacteristically, I got up the front and shared how the Holy Spirit was impressing me. From here the miracles began to happen. Beginning in a period of depression I had become accustomed to watching a movie before bedtime to silence unhappy thoughts. When I recommitted my life to Christ, He took that desire from me and replaced it with a love for His Word and the secrets to be found in it. The story of the Great Controversy became appealing to me again and I eagerly drunk in the words. 
The following week I spoke to my boss and told her that at the end of my contract which ended a month later, I would be quitting my job. She was apparently not surprised however she asked if I would be willing to work casual hours when I was home and able to. Having been wondering how God would sustain me while in His service, this was an absolute answer to prayer. I came home that day jubilant in His provisions!
My contract finishes this week. The rest of my year is filling up with plans speedily and I’m just so excited to have the opportunity to join the team of people all over the world who’s one and only goal is to spread the good news to the world. I have great and wild dreams of a ministry starting choirs all over the world in underprivileged areas but for now, just knowing I am in His will means more to me than anything.
- Katlyn Bailey