Holding the Fort


Jack, our young inventor son (left), has been keen for some time to go and visit with 'Curly' - his not as young, but still young - inventor mentor. Curly (right) lives in QLD and finally Jack and Rod have made their way north with our friend Silas to visit Curly and his wife Marta. They have been spending their days in Curly's workshop making 'stuff' such as these broad forks pictured above, and dining on Marta's Basque hospitality. 

With Ella also away (in Melbourne), that has left Hannah and I to hold the fort. This has not always gone smoothly. I could bore you with the details of how I fell into a trench, knocked two trays of seedlings off the bench, lost the dog, left the water on while I went to town, had to bleed the irrigation line and pump more water all in a day while trying to entertain visitors - but I wont! 

The sun is setting on another day, and all in all life is good and I am thankful. How about you?