Renewed Perspective


In the past week we have been priviliged to have Ben and Leila, and then Heather, Steph & John visit us at The Eastward Garden. Now while John was definitly focused on checking out the tractor, the real purpose of our visitors making the long treck out to the Garden was to purchase veggies. And purchase veggies they did, but they accompished much more.  Let me explain.

There are times in life when we need an 'ousiders' perspective.

When we start to take for granted the beautiful people that we live and work with, the good health we enjoy, the happiness that comes from inside of us, or the colours and beauty of the landscape that surrounds us, in short, when our day to day blessings become mundane and we take them for granted, the perspective of an 'outsider' can be just what we need to cause us to look at these things with a renewed appreciation. Our visitors in the past week have given us this reminder.

Thanks Ben, Lila, Heather, Steph and John for your enthusiasm and encouragement to keep doing what we are doing. Thanks for opening our eyes to the value of what we do, the beauty we do it in and the amazing people we do it with (our kids). Thanks to all our customers who make what we do wothwhile,  successful and a joy! 

How about you? Is it time you took a look at life from an 'outsiders' perspective? The new year is upon us, let's enter it with a fresh and vibrant perspective of ourselves and those around us. 

P.S. If you are thinking you would like to visit The Eastard Garden some time, I have good news. March 2019 we plan to have an open day for everyone to come and enjoy some time at the Garden. Watch this space for more info.