Recreation in Nature!


On Sunday and Monday this week, we had the most blessed time hiking in Carnarvon Gorge National Park! Well... sore muscles, scratches and bruises too, but well worth it!

We stuck to the main track the first day, and walked to the end (The Big Bend) and back (about 20+ kms). 

The second day was the most adventurous! We walked to a place called "The Moss Garden", and then went off the track to explore a part of the gorge we had been told about by friends at Emerald. It was called 'Hellhole Gorge'. Not the nicest name, but a very spectacular series of canyons.

We encountered 4 snakes a dozen or so huge spiders (about the size of my hand) and lots of little lizards. The canyons were quite narrow. At times as narrow as 3 meters across. Huge rocks, fallen down tree trunks, and pools of water were scattered all along the way. On one occasion, the only way forward was to swim through a few meters of deep water, and climb up a small waterfall.