Finishing Up In Tassie (May/June Diary)


It was just so amazing seeing God work through-out this program! 3,235 books went out, and we were able to help several people with practical projects as well. We saw God’s protection, and leading wherever we went! As God has promised in His Word that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). We believe we are called to do this work. God has called each of us to be a blessing to those we meet.

We encourage you also to do whatever you can to share Christ with others. Anything! Even something simple like a little glow tract, or even a simple smile can change someone’s life. “Service to God includes personal ministry. By personal effort we are to co-operate with Him for the saving of the world… All who are ordained to work for the salvation of their fellow men. Their hearts will throb in unison with the heart of Christ. The same longing for souls that He has felt will be manifest in them. Not all can fill the same place in the work, but there is a place and a work for all” (Christ Object Lessons, pg.300, 301).

Since getting back from Tassie we have all gone back to our different jobs. Here at Eastward we’ve been catching up with things and there’s been Music Camp preparation underway—lots of printing, stapling, organising, filming location searches, food preparation, writing music arrangements, recordings done to help learn parts, plus lots more! We are looking forward to seeing how God will work in the next two weeks at camp.


In the meantime this is what happened in the last two weeks of the Tassie road trip:

Monday, May 16 Canvassed Smithton. (42 magabooks; 50 happies)

Tuesday, May 17 Canvassed Smithton.  Had lunch with some new friends we met at our normal lunch spot. Weeded Neil's garden—a canvassing  contact which Shanna met. (22 magabooks; 36 happies)

Wednesday, May 18 Canvassed Smithton and Tim split wood for some older people Andy canvassed. (32  magabooks; 50 happies)

Thursday, May 19 Canvassed Stanley and Forest. (38 magabooks; 49 happies)

Friday, May 20 Canvassed in Wynyard with our new friend Rebecca from Burnie. Had opening Sabbath  with Pr Peter and his wife Lyn. (18 magabooks; 29 happies)

Sabbath, May 21 Went to a regional Sabbath at Burnie SDA Church. We (expect Tim) stayed the night  at our friends in Sheffield—the Beaty's.

Sunday, May 22 Some of us went to help with Devonport SDA church working bee, while the other  helped make pizzas for lunch. Had a wonderful time of fellowship with a few families over lunch,  and Tim joined us after doing a few errands.

Monday, May 23 Still were at the Beaty's. Enjoyed some physical exercise while chainsawing and  splitting the wood from a fallen tree. Also helped the kids with there homeschool.

Tuesday, May 24 Went to Bridport to pick up cookbooks that were posted there, canvassed, and then  traveled towards Tomahawk to camp for the night. Dylan joined us. (We did small holiday towns down  the East Coast and got out 26 magabooks/56 happier over the week.)

Wednesday, May 25 Canvassed all of Tomahawk and Gladstone. Camped at Policemans Point for the  night.

Thursday, May 26 Canvassed in Ansons Bay and Binalong Bay. Stayed down at St Helens for the night.

Friday, May 27 Headed down to a Spring Beach and canvassed in St Helens, St Mary's, and Swansea :)  Got to our destination just in time for some quick Sabbath prep, then had opening Sabbath with the  caretakers— Ian and Robyn.

Sabbath, May 28 Shared at Collinsvale SDA church. Had lunch at Pr Dana's place.

Sunday, May 29 Went to Freycinet National Park and hiked all day!

Monday, May 30 Canvassed in  Orford. (10 magabooks; 14 happies)

Tuesday, May 31 Canvassed in Orford and Spring Beach. Andy did tree work back at the place where we were staying, the rest of us helped out in the afternoon. (3 
magabooks; 12 happies)

Wednesday, June 1 Left Spring Beach and canvassed in Sorrel on our way to Hobart. Stayed with Pr  Dana and Dianne. (15 magabooks; 33 happies)

Thursday, June 2 Canvassed in New Norfolk and had our highest day for the trip! (55 magabooks; 81 happies)

Friday, June 3 Did more canvassing in New Norfolk. A friend who lived locally joined us for the day  and went to her house for opening Sabbath. (38 magabooks; 48 happies)

Sabbath, June 4 Took the service at New Norfolk SDA church and had lunch with them. Afterwards went  to a youth meeting over at Rosny SDA church. Andy left on the Spirit of Tasmania that night.

Sunday, June 5 Went sightseeing around Hobart and visited with friends. In the evening followed up  on one of the contacts we made :)

Monday, June 6 Drove up to Launceston to catch the plane! All except Tim (who was coming on the  boat later), safely arrived in the mainland.

And some photos to follow our jouneys :)