D'Sozo Camp WA 2019


Out of the smaller blessings comes the even bigger blessings!

Our fifth D'Sozo WA camp, and once again, it was a blessing for the 16 participants who attended! To name a few of the favourite highlights of camp, Deep Bible studies, campfire talks shared by a few of our youth leaders, the food (of course!), and ultimately, serving and blessing the community of Busselton! None were left wanting; full with the joy and love of God.

...I have come back from camp having a desire to serve God and study his word deeper. I really encourage anyone who is thinking about coming to this camp to come..." - Bethany

"D’Sozo was such an amazing blessing this year! The Campfires were incredible! I have also started having baptismal studies. Camp has helped me in a big way and I would recommend it to others ... #ilovedsozo" - Delphia

This year was a smaller camp than the previous years, and truthfully, it was at first partially discouraging. Nonetheless, we knew that God had brought the young people that He wanted there. Though we didn't know what was in store, we knew that God had a plan!

As registration for camp opened, it was fantastic to see familiar faces from previous camps, but also, to see quite a number of new faces also. Might I add to the news of things being 'new.' This year, camp was at a refreshing new location, up in Busselton right on the beachside; again, new faces; and a new camp coordinator. We missed Mr and Mrs Higgins this year at camp, nonetheless, God equipped our coordinating team and camp was still and yet again a huge success!


Prayer during morning devotions

Continuing with the camp experience, the week consisted of multiple activities, starting off in the mornings with special devotion time both personal and with camp units; then a nutritional breakfast, then it's off to tidy up lodgings. Afterwards, it's time for the mind to be fed with Deep bible study class, followed by exercises, strengthening the mind and body! Now that the participants were all warmed up and pumped for the day, it was straight into a music/choir workshop, learning the beautiful and prayerful piece titled A Heart of Love.


D'Sozo Camp canvassing team in Busselton

Adding to the excitement of camp, the young people then divided into different workshops, which consisted of either: painting classes, creative writing, adult colouring, photography classes, and bush survival skills classes. Afterward, it was time for canvassing training, preparing and equipping the young people for the doors. A well earned scrumptious lunch shortly came after training, made by the master chefs; once refueled, it was out in the fields of mission!

Teams of young disciples streamed out cleaning, weeding, ministering to the needs of people, and other teams of young disciples knocking on the doors (and hearts), of souls in the Busselton community! All to finish the days events with powerful testimonies from the disciples, and thought-provoking messages from our youth leaders. Finally, within the quiet minutes before bed, a time for reflection, thanksgiving and prayer with the participants' units.


Filming A Heart of Love (keep an eye on YouTube!) at the Boranup Karri Forest, south-west WA.

Wednesday's schedule added excitement to the week, as the young disciples went out to film a music video in the beautiful and peaceful Karri forest; an exclusive to Western Australia. Come Sabbath, D'Sozo Camp went and fellowshipped with the Capel church family, where we filled the church to its absolute limits! There, joyful choruses were heard, followed by a spirit-filled message by our brother Bruce; the rest of the day's events, spent out in nature at Cape Naturalist. What a fellowship, what a joy divine!

Finally, in the evening came the time where personal testimonies of how God was working on the hearts of the young people throughout the week, were being shared. There was never a dull moment at camp for all who attended, and many lives were impacted in such a way, that since camp, there have been a few who have made the decision of baptism, and some have been baptised since camp, while others, are making active decisions in their lives to bring them into a closer walk with God.

"Such a blessing for young people (and not so young). I like the way camp is structured. Learning to be on time, to be tidy and to help others is something many young people do not do and need to learn. And especially for me, I find canvassing a little out of my comfort zone so I think it’s good in my case to be put out of where you’re comfortable and challenge yourself! I love the spiritual atmosphere, likeminded friends and especially the thought provoking, challenging campfire messages!"
- Camp participant (age 15)


Canvassing stats

  • 150 Path to Peace (small Steps to Christ)
  • 33 The Great Controversy (including 16 small editions)
  • 24 Peace Above the Storm (Steps to Christ)
  • 5 Health and Peace (The Ministry of Healing)
  • 4 Lessons of Love (Christ's Object Lessons)
  • 63 Wholesome Homemade

260+ books total

We praise God for the overall results of camp. Remember at the beginning how I shared that it was partially discouraging with a small number? Well, praise God, that even with the few, God can raise an army. Just like the story of Gideon, it's not what man can do, but what God can do. Please continue to pray for our young disciples, and a special thanks to all who helped (in all aspects) in making this camp possible! "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)" - Hebrews 10:23