These warm days are attempting to seduce me into premature thoughts of spring, and with them the temptation to plant tomatoes and cucumbers and their other springtime friends. I cognitively, rationally know better, but it would be so nice to get them in early... 

Saturday morning here in Rollands Plains brought the stark truth to light - winter is not over yet, not by a long shot. The frost here was degrees colder than any other we have had this year, with interesting coverings of ice on all sorts of things. We even had some "snow balls" tossed about.

But it was nice to know that most of our spring potato crop was tucked snuggly into the ground ready to emerge over the next few weeks. On Friday, Hannah, Ella, Jack and I planted 7 x 75m rows of Red Pontiac's and the new Carisma variety (photo above), with our Sebago's to go in next week. It might not be spring quite yet, and everyone in the garden is still shivering and growing ever so slowly at the moment, but spuds going in the ground tells us that spring is just around the corner, and that it is time to GET READY!