The Darnedest Thing


Why is it that the things we don't really want to grow often just thrive? This is a section of the garden we opened up last year, and to be kind, the soil is a bit ordinary. It is a victim of when we leveled this section of the garden and took much of it's topsoil off, with the soil now heavy, without much life yet, and a bit rocky - a work in progress. 

We have grown silverbeet, cabbage, and beetroot there so far, and they really struggled. But look at this yellow dock! We let this patch go to weeds over the winter, and look how the yellow dock had flourished without any help - I wish I had a market for it! I am standing on my broadfork trying to lever it out. It eventually came out roots and all, but only with some serious work! And along with yellow dock there are a few friends of his friends here also - chickweed, cooch, kikuyu, farmer's friends, fireweed...

But this phenomenon reaches into my mind also - unhappy thoughts that come unbidden, unkind words that just tumble out, unhealthy habits that come so easily.

Now that's a garden that needs some careful tending.