I'm not sure whether you've ever had an oops moment like Hannah's yesterday? 

Driving into the early morning sun, and with a foggy windscreen, she ran the Tarago into a ditch on her way to make up the Thursday veggie orders... She was a bit sheepish (and a tad concerned about any damage) when she walked back up to the garden to ask my help, but as you can see above, she has a pretty healthy attitude towards mistakes.

And I reackon that's a pretty important skill for a young person to have. And maybe for a not so young person to have. Mistakes and accidents happen, and then we just need to make the best of a bad situation. We don't want them or invite them, nor should we be flippant and irresponsible when they do happen, but life is such that we need to roll with things, and not beat ourselves up over them. 

Nor beat up someone else who might have an accident! How might things have turned out if I had gotten cranky with Han and given her a lecture? She sure wouldn't have had that cute smile on her face! 

What would I have gained in that transaction? Zip. What might I have lost beyond that smile? Horrible to think...