A good time was had by all...


Amazing. Our inaugural Cultivate Conference. 153 registered attendees. 41 seminars. 17 fantastic presenters (6 from the US). 4 forums. Beautiful weather. A happy relaxed setting. Seminars catering for every interest - home gardening to chainsaws, soil science to avocado's, preserving to market gardening, welding to natural family health care, and everywhere in between. 

Monday and Tuesday this week saw a few of the attendees (families from NZ, WA, SA, QLD and NSW) and presenters getting dirty in our garden together. The teaching was practical and productive! Oh, if we had this many helpers every week - there would not be a unintentioned weed in sight, the transplanting would always be up-to-date, the veggies coming out in truckloads, and the new shadehouse would be up by now! 

If you are interested, audio recordings of the seminars will soon be available online for free download. Editing is happening at the moment, and then they will be uploaded.