Something for Everyone!

It was an absolute blessing to be a part of the first D’Sozo camp in 2016. As a young person myself and haveing the opportunity to serve as a youth leader, I found it encouraging and inspiring to see the D'Sozo making it their mission to inspire and encourage other younger people. I was excited to see that what they did worked, and this was doing just as Christ as asks of us in Matthew 28:19: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.

D’Sozo camp is definitely a camp designed to give the individual a challenge (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and a blessing. Camp was a jam-packed and eventful week.

I went canvassing for two days and had such an awesome time! Before camp, I wasn’t majorly enthusiastic about literature evangelism but afterwards, I had had a change of heart and mind towards it! It’s definitely a joy to take part in… and don’t worry, we don’t go in cold turkey! 

After canvassing, I did help work for three days, each task and day unique and challenging in their own way. What I found most rewarding at the end of help work was probably the smiles it left on people’s faces and knowing God has impacted their day (Adventist or not).

All messages and workshops at camp were timely and encouraging. Our main speaker Eugene Prewitt, took us on an amazing journey, inspiring all for Christ. In addition, I will never forget the theme of camp, Give Your Best to the Master. This has become a life-changing decision and motto for me.


A few other moments from the camp which were quite memorable were the daily exercises for “strengthening of the mind and body,” morning devotions and unit sharing, uplifting music, delicious food, youth forum, Camp-O-Grams and the blessing of fellowship.

There is definitely a lot to share, but overall, D’Sozo offers something for everyone and I would highly recommend it!


by Grace, D'Sozo NSW 2016


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