Pouring our Slabs!


Early Wednesday (3rd of October) morning saw nearly all Eastward’s population up the back at the Bailey’s house pad. There, bathing in the morning sunlight lay a sight that was very dear the Desley’s heart – the formwork for her slab. The men hastened to complete preparations before the first concrete truck arrived. Just in time they finished and a rumble announced the truck’s appearance.

From the moment it appeared, till nightfall, it was go go go for everyone involved. The slab being a very large one it took all hands on deck without a rest all day for it to be completed. The result was a professionally done, lovely smooth house slab!

The guys were very tired that night but the next morning were at it again, getting the formwork ready for our little ablutions block near the shed while the Bailey kids were employed by watering the house slab multiple times throughout the day in order for it to set and cure slowly. Friday the ablutions block slab was poured and the left over concrete from that order was used to make some square ‘stepping stones’.

Friday was a very hot day and while the guys were getting the ‘stepping stones’ smoothed out, the ablutions slab began to crack. This resulted in Craig and Josh having to rework the concrete on the slab and we covered it to try to keep it moist enough to dry slowly.

Sabbath, we left our two slabs to God and had a wonderful Sabbath rest after such a busy week. When we pulled back the tarp on Sunday morning, the ablutions slab was crackless and the house slab had only a few hairline cracks in the veranda.

Thanks to Josh and Craig who came up from Woy Woy to help us get the slabs down and Praise be to God for keeping everyone safe, strong and well for the task and for protecting our precious puddles of concrete!