Garden News (March 2016)


I have so much to learn...

Last week I was lamenting the struggle we are having in the garden against marauding bugs, beetles, birds and all of their friends, thinking we are waging this battle all alone. But while digging your potato's last week I was gently rebuked...

Rats have shifted into the potato patch, making nests right there in the "potato pantry" so they don't have to go out for dinner. It's discouraging digging at times because they have cleaned us out of whole sections of the patch.

It was with this in mind that I pushed my fork deep into a potato hill last week, and was surpised when up came, not potato's, but the python you see above! It seems that he went into a rat home, had dinner (not of potato's), and settled down for a quiet nap.

I was so thankful to find out that we were not alone trying to manage vermin in the garden, and I told him so! I also let him know that he was welcome to bring his "Pete the Python's Pest Exterminator Service" to the garden any time he wanted to drop in for dinner. 

"Hey," I thought. "I wonder how many other garden residents are actually 'on our side'?" I had to admit that Marcus the Magpie does eat a lot of African Black Beetle larvae in between his few tomatoes and worms. And I wondered how many of the insects I see just living their unobtrusive lives are actually working with us to keep all their pesky cousins in line? Ah, it so encouraging to think that we are not alone as we struggle through life!

I was able to return Pete a little extra favour. You may be able to see in the photo a paralysis tick just behind his (her?) right eye. I removed that for him, and then taking no offense at my disturbing his nap, he made his sinuous way back into the potato patch.

"Our heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing."