Sunday Market Ministry


About four weeks ago, we decided to open a regular market stall in the local markets at Port Macquarie. Our aim was to use this as a point of contact with people, and a way of raising funds for other Eastward projects.

With high spirits we began to brainstorm what we could offer, and where to start. It was decided that we would offer a range of health foods (nuts, dried fruits, grains, legumes, etc.), from Eastward's bulk food home delivery business (Eastward Foods), some health and spiritual books, and 15 minute chair massages.

Each Sunday, over the last few weeks have been a great blessing. We've had great opportunities to make friends with the other stall owners, and people walking past, making the effort very worthwhile! Sales will build the more we continue going each Sunday, as people become regular customers. But so far we have covered costs and then some.


Various array of healthy food, packaged in $3 bags, on our market table.
We also have books such as the Ministry of Healing, Christ's Object Lessons,
Cook books, Children's story book etc.



The market stall is an excellent way of meeting people & making friends



Need to break the ice, cheer folks up or attract people?
Try some music! on the Piano Accordion.



Eva (current student) & Michelle (volunteer) have been a great help in packaging food
and running the market stall.

Some of the best experiences I've had so far has been in massaging men who have come through. It's been such a blessing to help them, whether they have a painful shoulder, stiff neck, or stress from being a single dad, they have greatly appreciated the massages. We always go the extra mile, to help as much as we can. This might mean giving a massage for just a few dollars, or even for free to those who need it but don't have the money.

As with all our projects, please keep this one in prayer. Over time as we become more well known, we pray that more opportunities will arise to share our faith with people and lead souls to Christ's kingdom. And also, that this can grow to be a profitable business endeavour, as we raise funds for other Eastward projects.