Bugs. Big Bugs.


Yes I know I have written about bugs before, but they are a recurring part of life in the garden. Spring and summer particulary sees us share our space (and food!) with a huge array of critters - thankfully most of them "on our side". .

But isn't this one just a beauty! Jack found him last week at home - a nice specimen of Australia's (and possibly the world's) longest stick insect Ctenomorpha gargantua (we think). Though they are only supposed to be found in FNQ, we think we have a mid-north coast member of the family right here!

"What does he/she eat?" I hear you ask. Thankfully not Jack's fingers! But you guessed it - he/she eats plants! 

Boy oh boy - so glad these fella's don't come in swarms like their smaller cousins the grasshoppers! Yikes!