Health Foods Home Delivered


Our Foods retailing division is going well, as it focuses on supplying high quality natural foods direct to your door ... when you live within our delivery zone (which at the moment does include Sydney via the Division office, but primarily focuses on the mid-north coast of NSW between Forster and Kempsey and surrounds).

We are blessed to watch this business grow as we provide an affordable home-delivery service to customers that appreciate healthy food, and that also appreciate the fact that we do not insist on dropping their product off and zooming off again ... but rather we welcome the opportunity to stop and enjoy a chat as we share and grow together!

Since Eastward Foods first began in 2007 (after taking over from a small group of Mum's (and Dad's?) who were working together co-operatively to get goods shipped to them at a better than supermarket price), we have seen our product and customer base expand to the point where we now deliver a wide range of products once a month.  These can be seen at, although we have to admit that food is our thing, not websites!  But we will get onto this sometime soon, God willing!

Not only do we supply monthly as a regular thing, but we do carry quite a wide range of items in stock, that may well be able to be delivered weekly if you happen to live between Taree or Rollands Plains, as Paul and Sharon travel to these places at least once a week.  Feel free to ask the question if you have one!

Finally, we appreciate the opportunity we have had to serve our customers in the past, and look forward to growing in strength to do this into the future ... and also appreciate it when you share the good news with others that might be interested in healthy, safe, natural foods at a good price!

And remember, a happy heart does good like a medicine, so use it instead!