Introducing... Salad Mix!


We have finally found a way to produce high quality salad mix by growing a new variety of lettuce whose leaves are all baby leaf size. We now have red & green crisp, red & green butter, and red & green oakleaf varieties that go in the mix. 

Bagged in convenient ziplock bags, this lovely crispy, crunchy, and uber fresh salad mix is picked just the day before market/delivery to ensure freshness. This is super important - the tragic salmonella cases in salad mix over the last few years illustrate the importance of freshness and good hygiene. Please wash your mix before use to make sure it's the healthiest salad possible for you and your little ones.

Talking about little one's - the lettuce in today's photo had been transplanted out into the field as baby seedlings the morning of our devastating hailstorm a few weeks ago. Look at them now! What amazing resilience!