Favourite Tomato Varieties


Yay! Today we planted our advanced tomato seedlings out into our polyhouse. They look as pretty as spring itself...

Pride of place in the polyhouse goes to the variety Brandywine. This is the tomato we grew to love last year - as close to the perfect tomato eating experience that I have found. To boot it is a very strong and vigorous plant that just kept on growing and growing.

"Brandywine has an unmatched succulennt texture that melts in your mouth. The flavor enlivens the taste buds, with all the flavourable components of the best tomatoes - tartness, sweetness, fullness, and complexity - in perfect balance."  Epic Tomatoes, How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time by Craig LeHoullier, Storey Publishing, 2015.

Another one we have planted that shows much promise is the Cherokee Purple variety. LeHoullier is nearly as effusive - in describing the first time he and his wife tasted this deep dusty rose coloured tomato that is nearly a true purple on the shoulders, he wrote that "Cherokee Purple exploded in our mouths in a symphony of flavours and nuances." Yum! Can't wait!

But hey, we mentioned a while ago that we would put some of these advanced seedlings aside for you to try in your own garden. Well, they are ready to go! They are $3 each (the price of 1/2 a kg of tomatoes). First in first served, so please let Desley know how many of each variety you would like.

Happy week!

Desley & Rod

PS. Both of these varieties will need staking.