Great News - New Tractor


We have been able to purchase a tractor! We want to thank all those who contributed to our new machine - we have so desperately needed a tractor like this for so long, and now that our smaller tractor needs an engine rebuild, it could not have come at a better time! The tractor is a Ford 6600, a 80hp 4WD machine in very good condition that cost us $12,500.

We have also purchased several implements, including a 6' slasher, Yeoman's plough, scarifier, twin rippers, some harrows, and a blade for road repairs. We have also been donated a potato planter and digger! We will now be able to keep the grass down on the Eastward property, maintain the roads better, and expand our agricultural industry by growing larger quantities of potato, corn, garlic, beans, legumes, pumpkins, melons and green manure crops to complement our intensive market garden.

Again, we want to thank those who generously gave for our needs, and we ask that God’s rock solid promise, that it is "more blessed to give than to receive," be fulfilled in reality for you!