Springtime snow!

“Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?” (Job‬ ‭38:22‬a). The novelty of snow is real to me, and I spent quite a bit of time in wonder trying to see individual snowflakes. The couple I saw were incredible & beautifully intricate! Then I looked over the ground nearby, in marvel at the thought of how many individual flakes there must be just near me, and yet every snowflake is different! Yes, our God is the God Who breathes out galaxies. But He’s also the God Who fashions countless billions of tiny snowflakes in perfect beauty. There’s nothing too tiny for Him. And there’s no part of your life too small for Him to care about either... “He careth for you”
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Sunny Oberson
Amen. Truly His tender loving care for each little ones like us is so sweet..!
3 months