Canvassing Encounters in Tasmania


Some of the many divine appointments we have encountered!

I was having a pretty rough afternoon. Lots of quick shutdowns, person after person. Andy picked me up to bring me somewhere for the last ten minutes. Came to this house. This guy came out with a beer bottle in his hand, about 30 years-old. He seemed like a nice guy. I showed him the cookbook, then The Great Controversy.

Was canvassing The Great Controversy; then after I finished talking about it a fair bit, he kind of just clicked and realized something. He put down his beer bottle and he starts sharing his side of the story: “Man, I’m spinning out a bit here! You wouldn’t believe it, my brother just came around today and showed me this very book and told me I should read it! He had said a girl came around and offered it to him, and said he should read it, so he took it.”

I said, “That’s crazy. Probably was one of us! We’ve been here for a week.” He couldn’t believe it either.

He told me that he was interested in this cookbook one and would get a donation for it. I mentioned to him our cookbook special (if you give $25 or more for the cookbook, you can get a free reading book of your choice). He opened his wallet and says, “Oh there’s $25! Perfect!”

So I asked if he wanted the reading one as well, and he said “I should get the one like my brother – The Great Controversy.”

“You can see who finishes it first!” I encouraged.



I knocked on a door and this lady came out. I told her what I was doing and let her have a look at all of my books - cookbook, Peace above the Storm, Health and Peace, and The Great Controversy. Once I had told her a little about each one she asked me "how much?" I told her what most people help out with for the individual books and she again asked "how much for them all?" I was kind of shocked - although I shouldn't have been - so I told her how much of a donation most people help out with for that many. She went inside and came back with enough money to get all of them! Something I learnt: we shouldn't limit what God can do :)



I showed the cookbook to this guy who was smoking. He said that he wasn’t the cook, as he passed Bountiful Health back to me. I tried to start up a more spiritual conversation. Got talking to him about God, then his wife came out. The man told me that she was the chef. He wasn’t into God, but was listening to what I said. I felt like I should challenge him to watch something (one of our new digma DVD’s I was thinking). Unfortunately, I had none left so offered a Happy instead. His wife said that I had already pushed him enough. But he said to me, “just because you made the effort, I’m going to read it. Never read anything like this before, but because of your challenge I will.” He estimated it would take about a week to read, and I encouraged him that it’s not much of his life to put to it.