New Venue for Music Camp 2018

Many of you will be excited to hear that Music Camp 2018 is being held in a new venue.

After much searching, thought and prayer, we have decided to hold Music Camp in the Adventist Crosslands Convention Centre, about 1hr north of Sydney.

This venue creates more opportunity for growth and outreach. It opens new possibilities for filming locations, and is more central for those flying to camp (we can do pickups direct from Sydney Airport).

You can find out more about Crosslands on their website here:

This venue does come at an additional cost. Thanks to a very kind and generous sponsor, the fees have been subsidised, but there is still a fee increase from last year's fees. 

The new fee structure will be:
Participant: $480
Capped Family: $1,800
Staff / Counsellor: $250

This is still incredible value for a two-week event, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Now is a great time to start fundraising towards your camp fees.
You might like to check out the Fundraising Page for some ideas.