Cat Rescue!!


A cat rescue is yet another thing to add the list of canvassing adventures :) 

A couple of days ago, Shanna and Kasey met a lady and her granddaughter who had just come back from a small park, all upset and flustered because their cat had climbed a tree and they couldn't get it down. They didn't want to call the fire brigade, but didn't know what else to do.

Shanna said "We know people who climb trees who could probably get it down for you".

She sent a radio call to Mobile1 (the leader van), and Andy soon arrived to see what he could do. The lady was dubious at first, that Andy could climb the tree, but he was up there in no time, and brought down the traumatised cat. "Coming down with one hand was the most difficult part" said Andy.

The lady was thankful to get the cat back, and we parted ways.

Unfortunately, the girls didn't get a chance to show the message books, and Andy was contemplating whether to go back, but didn't get time. 

It is interesting to see how providence works. Kasey lost her Eastward ID card a few houses before meeting the 'cat lady'; which we didn't discover that until the next day, when I got a phone call from the cat lady's neighbour, saying that Kasey's ID card had been found. 

So the next day Andy went back, picked up the card, chatted again with the cat lady and her granddaughter, and showed them the books. Andy ended up leaving them with the 'Peace Above the Storm', and 'Great Controversy', two very beautiful books.

Andy said "I talked to them and said that I was sure God had it all planned out and made it happen this way for a reason." They agreed!