Real Foods Market


Port Macquarie Hastings Council forces our market to start after 3pm.

The news is disappointing. Despite your overwhelming support for the Real Food Market, and despite 80% of surveyed community members wanting the current arrangements to continue, Council has voted to impose a 3pm set up time on us, beginning in February. This severely limits our trading to just 2 or 3 hours, and, limits your opportunity to purchase the best fresh produce from local farmers! It also brings into question the future of the Real Food Market.

So, this week is our last market at the 'usual' time. Next week we will be starting after 3pm and we will also be out the back of the Port Central. Please let me know if you will need your veggies before 3pm in the future so we can arrange an alternative for you.
As disappointing and restrictive as this decision is, we look forward to a new future, and we thank YOU for your ongoing support of local farmers.

To work out the best way to continue to serve you, please help us out by replying with your preference:
1) I can still come to the Market after 3pm, so all’s good!
2) 3pm is too late for me, but if you find a new location for a market, I will come there earlier in the day.
3) 3pm is too late for me, but I would love to have my veggies home delivered by Desley!
4) Mmm, this is all getting a bit hard, so I’ll start to buy my veggies elsewhere. 
5) Hey, I’ve got another idea! What if......


Hey, and if you'd like to contact the Council directly to voice your concerns (or outrage!), you can email Mayor Peta Pinson at