Zucc's on their Way


Sweaty days, flying insects, afternoon thunderstorms, bugs eating little holes in the pak choi and spinach, chard growing a foot in a week, and booming clover fields all tell us that spring is well and truly springing in Rollands Plains!

But when the zucchini's start producing, we know for sure that even summer is not far away, and Jack picked our first little zucc today! I know for some of you (I'm thinking Cecile and Cindy...) this is great news! And I should be rejoicing too, right? And I am, but I'm not so keen on those sweaty day getting sweatier as I know they will be from here on in. The zucc's will thrive, I will melt.

But as I look outside right now, it is grey, raining, and cold. Lovely. No sweat today. I'll take this momentary reprieve, enjoy the moment, and keep the memory with me til autumn next year!