Providential Closing Sabbath


Last Sabbath evening, we had a very special and providential time closing Sabbath with a group from the local church in Cairns. How we ended up meeting them was interesting.

Tim, Andy and I had spent Sabbath afternoon walking in the botanical gardns in Cairns, discussing together, admiring the beautiful plants and trees and even climbing one! Just past 6pm, as we were getting back to the car, Tim tried to use the toilet. But strangely it was locked, even though the sign said it was open until 6:30 (about another 20 minutes). 

We piled into the car, and decided to go the the Esplanade in Cairns. The GPS entirely failed to work in the car, and we didn't know how to get there. We decided just to head East, and hope we got the right spot on the cost. Amazingly in a couple of short turns, we were at the Esplanade. It is very long, but after driving down it a bit we found a park to stop. While Andy and I were enjoying the sunset over the ocean, Tim went to find the toilet. In doing so, he stumbled accross the local church group closing Sabbath.

It was just providential that all those little things lined up so that we met there. We sang some songs together. They asked Tim, Andy and I to sing some of our favourite trio songs (we had sung at church that day). Then we shared some testimonies from canvassing, and the vision we have to run a missionary training school. It was a very encouraging and uplifting time. 

They very kindly gave us some Pizza, which we ate the next morning at the top of Walshs Pyramid. Thanks to the kind friends from Cairns SDA church!

Dear reader, God does care about us. He is willing to guide us, even in the little things of life.