Little Things (April/May Diary)


It's amazing how quickly minutes turn into hours; hours into days; days into weeks; and weeks into months! That's just how this Road Trip has felt. Learning to notice and appreciate the little things and circumstances has been a challenge.

Our diary:

April 25, Monday - Public holiday. Moved to the How's place.

April 26, Tuesday - Canvassed in Deloraine. (22 magabooks; 55 happies)

April 27, Wednesday - Canvassed in Mole Creek. (16 magabooks; 45 happies)

April 28, Thursday - Canvassed in Deloraine with our friend Taylah, from church. (37 magabooks; 31 happies)

April 29, Friday - Canvassed Chudleigh. Only a few of us canvassed because some had Sabbath prep, and others office work. (5 magabooks; 7 happies)

April 30, Sabbath - Went to Deloraine church again, were able to share for 1/2 hour on how God has lead each of us into the canvassing work; along with some testimonies and a song. 

May 1, Sunday - Enjoyed spending the day with our friends from Devonport church - the Beaty's. Talked about the need for medical missionary training and discussed ways to pursue that, along with other things. We also did some washing and had lunch with them :)

May 2, Monday - Canvassed Westbury in the rain. (10 magabooks; 22 happies)

May 3, Tuesday - Had a day back from canvassing for Bible study and other random tasks. Went to the local prayer meeting in the evening.

May 4, Wednesday - Canvassed in Westbury; visited a hospitable church member in the evening. (31 magabooks; 49 happies)

May 5, Thursday - Split and stacked wood most of the morning for the family we were staying with. After lunch packed up and we headed onto Scottsdale where we are staying at another church members place.

May 6, Friday - Canvassed in Scottsdale for the morning. God really blessed! (32 magabooks; 47 happies)

May 7, Sabbath - Were able to fellowship with the group at Scottsdale SDA Church, and shared about the "Basic 5" in canvassing, and their spiritual applications. After spending lunch with everyone there our team went for a hike up a nearby mountain.

May 8, Sunday - Catching up on different tasks, and in the afternoon helped around the property we were staying at—picking apples, hedging, etc.

May 9, Monday - Canvassed in Scottsdale. (28 magabooks; 47 happies)

May 10, Tuesday - Left early and canvassed small towns on our way to Wynyard. Stopped off in Hagley, Exton, and a small part in Devonport to canvass. Stayed at the pastor and his wifes place in Wynyard, we are very grateful for their hospitality! (12 magabooks; 28 happies)

​May 11, Wednesday - Canvassed in Wynyard and had a lady from Burnie church join us for the day as well! (15 magabooks; 36 happies)

May 12, Thursday - Canvassed in Wynyard, and we are thankful that the rain mostly held off :) (19 magabooks; 35 happies)

May 13, Friday - Canvassed in the morning and did Sabbath prep after lunch. (19 magabooks; 43 happies)

May 14, Sabbath - Went to Smithton church and helped out in Prelims, Sabbath School, and the Church service. It was a blessing to share and they were very appreciative of what we had to share as well. Had a singing fest with everyone after lunch, then our team went for a walk out near Stanley at "The Nut".

May 15, Sunday - Had a catchup day where we are staying in Wynyard. 

It is exciting to think of what God is going to do in these last three weeks! Just knowing how God has worked so faithfully in the past gives confidence that he will continue to work in the following days and weeks.