It's here, it's hot, with hotter to come! In the wake of that 39 degree day last week, we were very thankful for a few cooler days that gave us some relief, but we are firmly in sweaty territory this time of year!

Summer is a difficult time of year to grow a wide range of crops in this climate. Many of the greens struggle in the heat, some crops shoot to flower/seed quickly, the swarming pests have voracious appetites, and the humidity allows fungal diseases to proliferate.

But, it does give us tomato's! I am so enjoying those Brandywine's and Cherokee Purples - I hope you too! The plants are struggling a bit at the moment - not sure if it's a nutritional or a disease issue, but their growth has slowed to a snail's pace and flowers are not turning into fruit. I hope we can find a solution quickly!


Desley & Rod