Record Time for Big Camp Pull-down

With a forecast of inches of rain looming ahead, the team was put two days behind schedule in taking down the large conference tents, and smaller family tents at Stuarts Point, NSW. Thankfully, and in answer to prayer, the vast majority of the rain passed south of the campground and Tuesday saw clear skies and an energetic team ready to begin the demolition.

We were able to get all the big tents down and packed away on the first day (except the biggest tent, which was staying up for another event). Towards late afternoon there was a storm heading directly for us, that turned south just before it hit, providing only a boost of speed and energy as we tried to get the canvass out of the way in case it rained! 

Breaking all expectations, on the second day (Wednesday) were took about 360 family tents down, rolled and folded, and then de-constructed and stored the steel frames. It was a tough two days of discipline and a lot of hard work. We were so focused, we didn't get many pictures. Except this one of the team, on Wednesday night (this is without Tim, Andy, and Sandy and her family who had gone home).