Macquarie Uni Health Expo


Thursday last week we were privileged to work with 3AM church in Sydney helping facilitate a health expo with the ASOC club (Adventist Students on Campus) at Macquarie University. 

A health expo training session was held Wednesday night, and was attended by about 12 people from at least three different local SDA churches. The training covered the basic mechanics of the 8 health-expo booths and assesments.


The health expo model is an excellent way of ministering to the needs of the community. Participants start at the "Nutrition" booth, and continue around the 8 booths finishing with the "Trust" booth. You may have heard of the "NEWSTART" acronym, which stands for the 8 natural 'doctors' (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust). Different booths also conduct different health assessments such as height, weight, blood pressure, peak air-flow, harvard step test and health age.

The expo at Macquarie Uni was a great success. About 60 students went through the booths, in-between their classes. Below is an excerpt from an email sent by Na, who organised the epxo with 3AM church.

23 March 2014 

Thank you very much for your great help with health expo in MQ Uni on 20Mar!

Praise God that we could provide health check for about 60 students!! I got some feedback from those students that they really enjoyed & appreciated our health expo especially they could have some take-home tips on improving their lifestyle. 

- Na Shen