From the Sublime to the Sneaky


Last week I showed you Jack's Ctenomorpha gargantua that was 400mm + long. This week, I'm wondering if you can see the bugs (or grubs) on the Chinese Cabbage in this photo? No? 

Look closer! I can assure you that they are there! Still can't see them? I can understand that. Sometimes I won't see them either, until I harvest these beautiful Chinese Cabbage for my family and yours, and then all becomes apparent...

For lurking inside at least some of these fine specimens will be an unwelcome interloper. I mentioned the Heliothis mays grub a few weeks ago when we were discussing corn. You might not be surprised that they don't restrict their dining to corn! They love Chinese Cabbage as well (and cabbage, and tomatoes, and pak choi, and...). 

The grublets burrow down into the centre of the plant and munch away happily, not causing enough damage to stop the flourishing growth of the new internal leaves and thus giving themselves away, but enough to make a mess of the whole cabbage as they feed and grow. The only beneficiaries of this monstrous act of subterfuge are the girls horses, who are happy for a variation in their diet, grubs or no grubs.

This makes me think of our ugly little secrets we sometimes hide, only brought out when we think no-one else is watching. Unless we find a way to face up to our personal issues and conclusively deal with them, our state of mind will white-ant our personal integrity and, even if even those closest to us are ignorant of these little secrets, will negatively affect every relationship at every level. I'm hard pressed to think of any beneficiaries...