Have you felt a change in the last week or so? After that stinking hot weather we have all enjoyed a little coolness and moisture, and here in Rollands Plains we have had some cooler nights and misty mornings. March 1 is the official start of Autumn, and I think we might be seeing the turn of the season! It surprises me every year!

In the photo above, the largest bean plants are just starting to flower. They were severely affected by those very hot days, and we are not expecting many beans from this bed or those in the next bed. Their leaves are very hard and wrinkled - just like our skin when we over-expose it to the sun and it can't get the water and nourishment needed. But those plants on the right, planted the week after those hottest days, are as tender as you could want, and loving the moist soil.

The day after this photo was taken, it rained again, and the lime applied to those beds where the older beans were was beautifully washed in. That whole area is now covered with silage tarp to allow the soil biology and worms to "go to town" preparing those beds for autumn or winter planting. Meanwhile, the autumn seedlings are all looking wonderful in the seedling house. Cabbage, broccoli, green kale, Russian kale, English spinach, silverbeet, spring onion, chard, various chinese veggies, beetroot, lettuce, etc - I can't wait to get them in the ground in the next week or two!