Welcome Suzie


It's usually the kids that get the toys at Christmas time, but this year it was Desley! And she was willing to go to great lengths to get it!

We have been looking to replace our daggy old Hiace van for some time, with something both larger and "cooler"! The object of desire was a refrigerated truck or van, but our long wish-list of features has meant it took a long time for the right one to come along. And when it did, she pounced - all the way to Cairns!

Well, she actually sent me all the way to Cairns to pounce... After getting an old friend to check it out for us, and doing due diligence through the mechanics who have been doing the servicing on it, I flew to Cairns arriving there 11:30pm Christmas Eve, bought the truck 12 midnight, and then turned around and drove Desley's new baby Suzie straight home. 

And a nice drive she was! We had plenty of time to get acquainted on Christmas Day. We enjoyed a near empty highway and shared a few roadhouse meals together. We watched the signs to all those fantastic NQ waterfalls and National Parks go past together, and shared the dark and lonely nights together. She kept me cool on the hot days, and I kept her tanks full. But now she is Desley's. And yours! For now she will keep your veggies cool all the way from picking to market or to the point of delivery.

Welcome Suzie, you've just become possibly our most important gardening tool!