New tricks


Living in the garden gives us many opportunities to learn new things - expanding our capacities, making us practical thinkers, and keeping us invigorated. New problems that arise and demand answers develop new neuropathways and mind plasticity as we search for solutions. New opportunities make us think of ways to accomodate them in our current system, or may cause status quo to be turned on its head so we can move FORWARD!

This week was Ella's turn. She can finally reach the clutch and brakes on the tractor, so it was time to fulfill her longstanding desire to learn to drive it so she could slash the horse paddock. So I gave her a few pointers, showed her where the stop and go levers were, and off she went. And went, and went...

Learning new things by facing real life challenges is a fantastic way to speed upthe maturing process for youngsters. Have you noticed how long it takes most youngsters to become adults these days (if they ever do)? Maybe their artificial lives have something to do with that...

But learning new things by facing real life challenges is also a fantastic way to slow down the overmaturing process in oldsters! Have you noticed that it is usually those that are active in their gardens, are active in community service, work as volunteers, or are constantly looking for new challenges and new ways to be productive and significant members of society, are those that age well?

What new things are you aiming to learn this week?