Gather the Roses - Testimonies


As I was canvassing the other day I came across this plaque: "Take Time to Smell the Roses".

So many times in life we focus on the negatives--"the briars and the thorns"; but we need to gather the bright things in life, the many blessings across our path--"the roses, the lilies, the pinks".

In canvassing it can be easy to get discouraged by what seems like continual rejection. If we but look for God working, there are so many things--amid the rejection--that we can thank God for! Divine appointments happen, and to realize many of them we need to be actively looking for them.

Here are only a couple of our blessings while sharing door-to-do :)

"I came to a massive house. Big houses don't usually give much. There were 2 couples sitting outside. They weren't very interested after I canvassed the books, and told me to sit down instead.

"What are you doing with your life?" they asked. "You should do something more productive with your time."

One of the ladies accepted my dropdown to the Happy (Steps to Christ), then one of the guys gave a $20 donation. They didn't want any other books. I was just about to go, but asked "do you like history?" They all replied that they loved history!

I got straight into canvassing the Great Controversy. They were keen on the book and I was able to leave it with them. Amazing how things can turn right around!"


"I was by myself and had knocked on lots of doors, but nobody was really interested. Along the way I kept remembering that when things aren't going too well - there's a divine appointment in the making.

Eventually I came to a door with a plaque that said "God bless our home." The man who answered was friendly but wasn't into reading. He liked the cookbook. After he'd left to find some money, his wife came to the door. She did like reading! The guy comes back with $24.

His wife in the meantime had decided on getting Peace Above the Storm (Steps to Christ) and went to find money as well. She came back with a $50 note - the only money she could find! I offered them more books for that donation, but they just wanted two. In the end I was able to leave Wholesome Homemade and Peace Above the Storm."

"I was out with Kasey. A young Indian guy opens the door. We enthusiastically canvass the cookbook, but he's not super interested. After learning that he was majoring in education, we move on to the Great Controversy. "This will be really good if you're studying history!"

We're also able to canvass Health and Peace, and Peace Above the Storm. The guy barely looks at the books, just wants to get them. He gives $50 for our full handset - a 4 book set!"