A Testimony from Outreach

For a couple of months now, we have been systematically door knocking homes, offering assistance for people impacted by Covid-19. We offer help in areas ranging from food parcels, errands, yard work if elderly, help with technology etc. Our aim is to meet people, befriend them, then, eventually introduce them to our best friend Jesus. Marysville is quite a well-to-do, picturesque little town, and for a few weeks all the people we had met, although pleasantly surprised and pleased with what we were doing, said that they were fine. During this time, we were beginning to question whether all our efforts were in vain. But the Holy Spirit kept prompting us forward. One Sunday afternoon, the third week from the start of our local outreach program, my brother, youngest daughter and myself set out for Marysville. We approached one home set on a hill, and a man who had been out on his decking with friends, saw us coming and came to meet us. After our initial introduction we discovered that he and my brother had the same name. As had happened a previous week it created an instant affinity with that person. He told us that he was a Christian working in a ministry that reaches out to bikies. “Door knocking is way out of my comfort zone,” my brother told him. “It’s good to see that you are being obedient to what God is asking you to do,” the gentleman commended him. He related how there had been times when it had been raining, and he had to ride into Thomastown in Melbourne to visit bikie gangs. He had felt like not going, but always went in obedience to God. Our conversation was uplifting, and we all praised God for His leading in our lives. Before leaving, we offered to pray with him, and he heartily accepted. The Spirit of God was present. As we said our goodbyes, he invited us back anytime, and said he had decaff there for us! Before leaving, he pointed out a couple of neighbours that he felt would appreciate our help. As it turned out, one did ask for assistance with yard work. He was a 75 yr old gentleman battling with leukemia. I took my children there to help load our trailer and take tree cuttings he had to the tip. He was so pleased with how fast and thorough the job got done that he insisted on giving a donation of $50. I assured him that his donation would be used to help others. We are in regular contact now, and of help whenever he needs. Stay tuned, to enjoy this amazing journey with us! All glory to God!