Canvassing - On the Road Again!

Since the 26th of April a team of enthusiastic young people have been sharing their faith in three different cities! Starting off in Albury, we had three days to give our best. Albury is known as "hard territory". Over those days God blessed despite that report!  108 magabooks along with about 300 happies. We were able to spend a beautiful Sabbath with our new friends in Albury, along with meeting many more youth at a social in the evening.

Next we made our way up to Concord, Sydney. We were blessed to have some extras join us there and the energy and faith they brought along with them inspired us all. We were very excited to see 73 GC's received into the homes. Our week there was the last week of the church's 40 days of prayer. As the members came to the church for prayer meeting and testimony times, it was exciting for us to see how God had been leading the church and moving on community members hearts to come to Jesus. Sabbath morning found many visitors joining us (that were invited during the past 40 days). Music, prayer session, and a sermon was presented, which were enjoyed; then a fellowship lunch followed and many new people met. Our team decided to head downtown Sydney and share GLOW tracts after lunch. A few hundred were handed out and many smiles and stories followed the experience as we went to a concert by Marleta Fong.

Sunday found us packed up and driving down to Warburton for next few weeks. This is were we have been working this week and seeing God work even more. We had the opportunity to have a tour through the Signs Publishing Company the other morning. It was a privilege to see how much hard work goes into each of the books we are giving out. Also how much God has led and kept the publishing work through the years. We left there with a greater zeal and determination to do our work faithfully.

This is a slight overview of the work we have been doing this month. If you want to see more consistent updates you can follow Tim Hopkins or Andy Hopkins on Facebook.
We would love your continued prayers and support. May God's blessing attend us all.