Cabbage moths are still buzzing our brassica's looking for a pantry to lay their eggs in, knowing their caterpillar children will be well fed (and grow pudgy) on our brocolli or kale.

Last month we began to protect against this travesty by using a certified natural insecticide called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). This bacteria naturally is found in soil, on plant surfaces and in insects, and produces a toxic protein that paralyses the caterpillar's gut. Once the caterpillar eats foliage treated with Bt, it stops eating and then dies. Bt specifically targets caterpillars, and is safe for beneficial insects such as ladybirds and bees. 

In the photo's above, you can see the difference between a brocolli that has been protected vs one that I missed. I'm thankful for protection...

It could be said that there are many factors that conspire to thwart our bid for a successful life. You may agree with me that it is the internal one (my self) that thwarts me best (worst) - the very thing I think will bring me success (looking out for number one!) is the one that limits me. We can usually find something or someone to protect us from external assailants, but who or what will protect me from myself?