Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might...


Each of our youngsters have favourite things they do in the garden. Ella loves spreading lime (above). I have NO problem getting a volunteer when that job comes around - she is nearly pleading me to choose her to do it! Why does she like it so much? 

Not sure, but I like it that she likes it! I never need to check that she is doing it properly - she always spreads it very nice and evenly, and goes right to the margin or into the corners. She does it cheerfully, and does it well. What a gift!

Sometimes we need to do what we don't like doing. Ella doesn't paticularly like transplanting seedlings. Neither does Hannah. They are really good at it, and do most of our transplanting, but it's certainly not their favourite job. But whenever it needs to be done, they do it without complaining, and they do it well. Maybe not with exactly the same enthusiasm and vigour as they might prosecute their favourite tasks, but I do often hear them singing as they go!

They have learned a valuable lesson at a young age - life is not all beer and skittles (or should I say Red Bull and Instagram?), and that the best way to deal with our unfavourite things is to choose to have a good attitude, and to get in and get them done!