Out & About with the Film Crew


New DVD Coming Soon!

Sunday morning, February 19th, found Liesl, Emmanuel, special guest Pr. Geoff Youlden and I on the road and hard at work. In preperation for a new DVD soon to be released, we visited a number of locations in the beautiful areas where we have filmed Music Videos before. The DVD will feature six recent music-video productions, with Pr. Youlden speaking in-between each song, sharing on God’s great love.

The first location we visited was Diamond Head Beach and headland. The weather was perfect for filming - overcast skies and gentle light with just a small threat of rain. We hoped that it would hold off long enough to finish the day's work. As we set up and filmed our script, we met a team of para-gliders who we were able to share what we were doing with. Liesl ran the tele-prompter, Emmanuel ran the cameras and I helped as an extra set of eyes to look out for things Emmanuel missed, and to help carry equipment between locations.


After filming at four locations at Diamond Head, we grabbed our lunch and ate as we drove further north. Next stop was a farm a few kilometers west of Wauchope. As we arrived, it started to sprinkle with rain. Liesl, Emmanuel and I used the time as we waited to discuss plans and ideas for future trips, camps. It was a blessing to have the chance to catch up and spend time together again.

Unfortunately, the rain didn't cease as we headed up to Rollands Plains for our last few locations. It was now sprinkling harder - almost raining! Not only was the moisture a threat to the camera and audio equipment but it was also leaving raindrops on Pr Youlden's shirt!

One of the final sessions of filming we staged under a leafy tree to avoid the rain as much as possible. The very last session - by the time the rain was heavily falling all around us - Emmanuel, Liesl and the equipment huddled under the boot door at the back of the car and Pr. Youlden dashed out into the rain to say the shortest version of the script possible.

While the conditions were far from perfect for our task, spirits were high and we counted it as an adventure. "You can add filming in the rain to your resume." Emmanuel shouted across to me as the rain pelted down around us. I laughed, imagining such a statement on my report.

By the time we finished, all of us were tired and wet and more than ready to begin our journey home. I was thankful that I did not have far to go, while Liesl and Emmanuel had about a 7 hour drive ahead of them to get to their home at Cedarvale, near Bowral NSW.

We're looking forward to being able to release this new DVD which has been planned and created especially to be an outreach tool to share with friends, family and new contacts. Please pray for us as we finish off the editing and keep your eyes open for when it is released.