This is the last garden email from us for the next three weeks. Kate, our eldest young person, arrives home from Canada on Tuesday, and we set off for our trip on Sunday the 8th. 

So for the next three weeks (after this week), there will be no deliveries and no pre-ordering available. Our veggies will still be available to you, but only by turning up at the Real Foods Market on Tuesdays. Our young friend Ashleigh, and Rod's dad Warren, will be there to greet and serve you while we are away. Apologies to those who will miss out on their veggies for the next few weeks because of this.

Getting away from the garden for a holiday with our family hasn't been an easy task, but I know it will be more than worth it. There is little that pips time with family as far as priorities are concerned. 

We all know that families are a challenge at times, that keeping things positive and together can be really hard work, but they are a challenge more than worth facing up to and making a success of. In the past we have often become distracted from that core objective (always by really good things!), but as our bairns have become men and women, we now wish we had spent more quality time together. A three week road trip, all in one car, plenty of time to talk, laugh and sing silly songs - just what we need!