New Market Arrangements


Options for this week:

Pre order your vegetables (instructions below) and meet me up at the Port Central Hub (next to the carpark door in the upstairs Food Court) between 1pm & 2:45pm to pick them up
Come to the market to purchase your veggies as usual - just don't come before 3:20pm (we are out the back this week)
Order your veggies via email or text (instructions below) and have them delivered to your work or home on Thursday.

Contact me if none of these options are going to work!

And hey, the Mayor is listening to you, and has stated that she is going to re-open discussion on Council's new market policy with Councillors! If you haven't contact the Council directly to voice your concerns (or outrage!), you can email Mayor Peta Pinson at


PS. We have changed the order deadline to 12pm Monday to give you a little more time! Aren't we nice?