Sonlight Education


SonLight Education

Our bookstore continues to provide faithful resources to our customers all over the world, but primarily in Australia.  Like the food store, we really need some help to see this business grow.  Offering products including home schooling, health, religion, music, felts, nature etc, we see this store as helping our customers to find faithful resources at the best price we can afford.  As with the food store, our bookstore exists primarily as a ministry – not to produce profit, but to support our customers that appreciate the product, especially people running public programs that bring benefits to their local communities.  The Nedley Health Depression and Anxiety Recovery program is a great example of this!

So if you are looking to do some community service work that might involve bulk materials for distribution in your local community, give us a call – we love to support that kind of work!  Or perhaps you think you might be able to help us grow this ministry in some way, again please let us know if that might be the case.  Contact Paul at or Rod at

May God be with you all as you do your best for him.