Sunrise and Sunset


Sunrise and Sunset

With all the wind that's been around recently, I have to do as much garden watering as possible late in the evening and very early in the morning to avoid the strongest wind. Quite inconvenient, but like most inconvenience, it came with a blessing.

The other morning, arriving at the garden before dawn, I had a real treat. The birds in the surrounding bush were going off! Blue wrens, magpies, kookaburra's butcher birds, Jacky Winter's and all their mates I didn't identify were in full song, welcoming the new day and praising God for life! Oh what a joyful cacophony!

And though it is not quite the same acoustic extravaganza, sunset is equally special as the peace and quiet of evening settles over the garden. Nature really knows how to prepare for a good night's rest - no TV to hype up their nervous systems that are wanting to calm down, no screens to mess up their circadian rhythms, no late night dinners that keep the digestive system working all night and thus disrupting deep refreshing sleep - just a gentle winding down, and lots of good hearted "goodnight Johnboy!" and "goodnight Pa!" calling out to each other as they fluff up thier feathers for a good night's sleep.

How long since you've synced with nature early morn or even? You might be missing out on something special...