Our Morning


It's hot and sweaty in the garden this morning. A few days ago I thought autumn had arrived, but summer isn't done with us yet! 

I just thought I'd give you a snapshot of our Friday morning. 

The youngsters and I are into the garden by 7am (Desley stays home to send out invoices, answer emails, and do whatever else ladies do at home). Jack is straight into picking zucchini and cucumbers. His observation reveals that my efforts to manage the aphids on cuc's and zucc's in the polyhouse have not been effective - I have just not been able to get on top of those little sap sucking critters! I am to the point of pulling them all out and quitting for the season.

Hannah and Ella finish yesterday's task of training and pruning our late season tomato crop in the poly house - they are looking lovely, with fruit up to golfball size and sizing fast. They then go on to the backbreaking job of picking beans. They hope you enjoy them!

Meanwhile Pa helps Josh (yes it's great to have him home for a while before he heads off on his next adventure) effect some repairs on the whippersnipper, and then Josh is off to attack the long grass around the garden dam - he'll be there for a few days! 

Pa then gets the irrigation started, and then goes on to finish yesterday's task of pruning old leaves off the 3 kale cousins and putting them in the compost pile. By this time Jack has finished picking, and he goes back to work pulling down the trellis that we had Russian cucumbers growing on, and Pa helps him out by pulling the vines and raking them up to be taken to the compost (above). 

By this time, we are so hot and sweaty that we knock off early for a swim! And as soon as I have finished writing this, I am off to have a slice or two of Jack's sweet watermelon to get my sugars up before getting back into it!

Happy weekend!